A Tale of Two Wine Lovers

We are a Mr and Mrs Wine Please... we fell in love over a couple of bottles of fine wine, some nice dinners and a fabulous holiday to visit wineries in Europe. Below is a snippet of our story and why we started Wine Please... pour yourself a glass of wine and let's get to know each other a little better.

Mr WP grew up in South Australia and Mrs WP is from the South West of WA, both fabulous wine-making regions. Fortunately for us we're also both from families who enjoy and collect wine with passion and who fostered our love for for it.

On our first date we both perused the wine list and assumed we'd be ordering the wine, before awkwardly realising our passions for all things wine and fine were perfectly aligned. As it turns out, Mr WP ordered a Tasmanian Pinot and Mrs WP didn't need to use that 'emergecy exit' call from her bestie. 

Fast forward a few years to when we were planning our wedding and wanted a wine gift registry. We couldn't find a beautiful website with a collection of the wines and the glassware we really wanted. So we decided to make one and Wine Please was launched!

Now here we are married with a chocolate Labrador, a little baby WP and our own corner of the web. We'd love to help you to create your gorgeous wine gift registry. We hope you find something you like and our adventures inspire you in yours.

If you have a wine to recommend or would like to get in touch, please email us hello@wineplease.com.au

Mr & Mrs WP 

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